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Talent concept: people do their job as a talent
       Talent concept is the basic understanding of the value of the concept of talent, but also the strategic thinking of the construction of staff. The group continued her mission to cultivate and replicate the best talent.
People do their best: to make people do their best ideas, to provide employees with self-worth of the platform to play the different strengths and expertise of employees, so that the amount of use, the show its ability to give full play to the potential of employees, and constantly achieve self-transcendence.
Position to become talent: to establish the concept of post and talent for the staff to create various forms of learning and training conditions to encourage employees to do a line, love his party, a line, fine line, become a different position of outstanding talent in the development of enterprises skill.
        Encourage innovation: "three small" invention activities and chairman of the Innovation Fund
      The company will be personnel training as a basis for innovation, to take a variety of forms, to create training opportunities for employees to encourage employees to adhere to "what, what to learn, what less, what" in the company to create a strong learning atmosphere. Companies adhere to the annual youth post expert skills contest, the emergence of a number of outstanding value of the lathe, maintenance workers and other post experts. The company has long adhered to the "small invention, small reform, small creation" for the contents of the three small activities, and to count the form of economic accounts, efforts to management to efficiency. On the outstanding achievements of the project, not only for material incentives, but also to invent the name of the brand name, has selected "to Cheung" Master plate, "safe" threading machine, "Zhang Tao" plastic wire management law, "beam" density table Such as "three small" invention of small projects. Thus stimulating the staff dare to first, the courage to explore.
      In addition, the company set up a special "chairman of the Innovation Fund", used to encourage employees to invent.
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