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 Hai Liya Group was founded in 1922, a hundred years of ups and downs, several ups and downs, all the way ups and downs, generation of sea beauty hard work, good governance, reform and innovation. Especially after the reform and opening up, accepted the impact of the market trend and baptism, in the brutal competition in the market, adhere to the independent innovation, scientific development of the road, keep up with market demand, do fine brand. After the accumulation and innovation, the company's low-profit products to the higher and deeper features of the special rope and emergency safety areas, and gradually developed into a research and development, production of functional rope, security emergency self-help products, public safety Experience building and emergency safety education and training services as the mainstay of the national high-tech enterprises, embarked on a "special, refined, special, new" scientific and technological innovation. August 2014, the enterprise was China's high-tech industrialization research will be identified as special rope and emergency safety industry research and development base.

Focus on the future, the company will be innovative for the development of enterprises, research and development and production of better high-tech rope products and high-tech rope for the core competitiveness of products for customers around the world to provide better rope products and security products, Emergency safety education and training services such as rope derived products. Hai Liya will create more economic value and social value of the enterprise, so that a hundred years Hai Liya continue to become China's dazzling national brand.
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