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  • 08.232016

    National million meters abyss level expedition, the company's "dragon" hidden standard rope supporting domestic seabed seismograph working depth for the first time exceeded 7,000 meters, the maximum working depth of 7731 meters.


  • 09.232015

    The Ministry of Civil Affairs Emergency Rescue Promotion Center Emergency Rescue Professional Skills Identification Center authorized, Haili Emergency Safety Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to become a national emergency rescue personnel (Qingdao) training station.
  • 09.102015

    The company prepared by the local standard in Shandong Province, "civil construction fire safety emergency response equipment" promulgated (standard: DB37 / T2686-2015).
  • 06.082015

    The company led the domestic emergency self-help industry in the field of 25 enterprises and scientific research institutions, institutions, jointly launched in Qingdao, Qingdao, "emergency rescue industry technology innovation strategic alliance."
  • 03.242015

    Qingdao Huakai Marine Technology Co., Ltd. with good reputation and excellent technology, China's earthquake emergency search and rescue center of the national earthquake emergency rescue training base of the first domestic rescue cable suppliers.


  • 07.082014

    Registered Qingdao Hai Liya Group Co., Ltd. August 2, the company and the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, China Institute of Space Technology 508 signed a "strategic cooperation framework agreement."
  • April2014

    The company became "2014 Qingdao World Horticultural Exposition" safety emergency products suppliers.


  • 08.132013

    Registered Qingdao Huakai Marine Technology Co., Ltd.


  • 10.272012

    China Central Television set a "news network" column, the company developed marine special rope, boost the blue economic development to be reported.
  • 10.122012

    The company prepared the architectural standards of Shandong Province Atlas design "life-saving device design and installation" was promulgated and implemented.
  • 06.272012

    Company marine special rope to help "dragon" manned submersible dive depth of 7062 meters, marking the company's special rope to reach the international advanced level, to replace imported products.


  • December2010

    Registered Qingdao Haili Emergency Safety Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • 5月2010

    The company for the "dragon" manned submersible R & D and production of special rope, in the Pacific deep dive test successfully dive 3062 meters.
  • 3月2010

    And Tsinghua University, co-developed a self-cooling high-rise building lifesaving device.


  • 12.152006

    Registered Qingdao billion and Haili Security Technology Co., Ltd.


  • 12.272004

    The company is transformed from state-owned enterprises to joint-stock enterprises.


  • April1998

    The company changed its name to Qingdao Haili Lace Ribbon Co., Ltd.


  • October1977

    The company changed its name to state-owned Qingdao lace factory.


  • February1967

    The company changed its name to the East Red Ribbon Factory.


  • April1956

    "Achieve" to achieve public - private partnerships.


  • autumn1933

    "Association" winning streak, products throughout the Jiangbei provinces, occupation of the Longhai along the line, then "Jiangbei first" said.


  • autumn1922

    Jinan department store store chairman Duanchang Chuan went to build a lace factory.

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