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Qingdao Hai Liya Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1922, Jianye nearly 100 years, always unswervingly inherited the spirit of enterprise, the development of security and security undertakings, the current development of a special rope, emergency self-help product development and production, emergency safety Site construction, emergency safety education and training, emergency response to the overall solution to the development and operation of the main national high-tech enterprises. More than 1,000 kinds of innovative products, with more than 1,600 patents, is "China's top 50 patent applications."
Group consists of four subsidiaries:
Qingdao Haili Lace Ribbon Co., Ltd., the main R & D and production of various security Ribbon products;
Qingdao billion and Haili Security Technology Co., Ltd., focused on emergency self-help products R & D and production of emergency safety experience venues development and construction;
Qingdao Haili Emergency Safety Management Consulting Co., Ltd., focusing on emergency safety self-help escape experience training and emergency safety culture spread and popularization;
Qingdao Huakai Marine Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the development and production of special cable.
Group adhere to the "special, refined, special, new" development strategy, through the international leading product development level and technological innovation capability, adhere to product quality strategy, and constantly improve their core competitiveness, become representative of China's security products to the world Leading enterprises.
Has been the "national high-tech enterprises", the first batch of "national enterprises to use intellectual property development capacity of enterprises" enterprises, "National PARKnSHOP production safety innovation small and medium enterprises", "national AAA standard good behavior enterprises", "China Ocean Engineering Science and Technology Award "," China Management Science Innovation Award "," Shandong Province Safety Production Science Progress Award "," Shandong famous brand "," Shandong province famous brand "and" Qingdao mayor quality award "honorary title. In May 2014, China Hi-Tech Industrialization Research Institute special rope and emergency safety industry R & D promotion base settled in Hai Liya, marking the group development and a new level.
Based on technical advantages and service spirit, Hai Liya actively assume the national key scientific research tasks, many times for the people's livelihood business, special rope business to provide equipment protection and emergency protection and services, by the relevant government departments, scientific research units, customers praise.
As the national scientific research rope cable products designated suppliers, the Group in the industrial safety rope, the military special rope, marine special rope R & D and production innovation, many times for the marine expedition ship "Ocean One", "Science" , The "exploration of a", "Snow Dragon", manned submersible "dragon" and other research and development supporting special rope, a set of China's rope industry four first: China depth, China strength, China temperature, "China rope king" reputation.
In 1995, based on the production of rope and cable, the company lengthened the industrial chain, has developed and produced a fire dedicated rope, safety lifesaving rope, high-rise building life-saving slow down, emergency box (package) and other emergency self-help products, which, and Tsinghua University Joint development of the "self-cooling" high-rise building lifesaving device, through the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center testing, was included in the national safety production "thousand" product promotion project directory; the same time, the group or Shandong Province life-saving slow down Standards and design specifications, high-rise building emergency safety life-saving supplies with a number of standards such as the development of the standard. In 2014, Hai Liya was identified as Qingdao World Horticultural Exposition emergency safety products supplier.
In the R & D and production of security protection self-help products at the same time, emergency education and training as an industry to planning and development, to invest in emergency education and emergency knowledge of the popularity. The company in Shandong Province, the construction of more than 30 emergency safety education science museum, and self-financing the construction of the province's first large-scale, professional and characteristic of the disaster prevention and emergency rescue safety knowledge interactive comprehensive experience venues - Qingdao emergency safety Education and Training Center. Training center as a whole by the fire experience training area, subway experience training area, earthquake experience training area, storm experience training area, campus emergency training area, medical self-help training area, traffic emergency training area, safety production and civil air defense training area, multimedia training classroom 10 Large area, 25 interactive points. 2016 training center innovative introduction of "mobile emergency safety experience museum", the use of "scene + experiential" training and education model, knowledge quiz, interactive games, escape drill and other forms, has to go to Beijing, Qingdao (Huangdao, Chengyang, high-tech zones, Jiaozhou, Pingdu, Lacey, Jimo) and other areas, the real emergency safety education without dead ends. Up to now, about 300,000 people have benefited from it.
In the continuous exploration and practice, Hai Liya Group established a "safe, professional, Houde" core concept, "safe, practical and convenient" customer value and "integrity legislation enterprises, science and technology enterprises, cultural strong enterprises" Business philosophy. Closely around the "pioneering technology-based security equipment and services first brand" corporate vision, in the creation of "a hundred years Hai Li, innovation Haili, human Haili" journey on the road ahead.

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