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1, deputy director of technical center
Job Responsibilities:
    1, according to the company's strategic development planning and market policies, to participate in the development of new product development planning;
    2, in accordance with the work plan and company requirements, participate in the organization and implementation of product development work, responsible for the development of new product control and the preparation of various technical documents;
    3, to assist science and technology project reporting and technical information organization;
    4, responsible for the company's intellectual property rights, patent reporting and maintenance management work;
    5, to develop the company's product standards work, and gradually achieve product standardization work;
    6, extensive technical exchanges, and institutions of higher learning, research institutes and related units to carry out production and research cooperation, establish and maintain good relations of cooperation;
    7, to assist the market development, customer service, technical training, to participate in after - sales service and so on;
    8, to participate in the company's quality audit work. Organize the company's quality management system documents, the main technical projects and technical documents and the types of work instructions, product production processes and operating procedures;
    9, to assist the test equipment and laboratory management;
   10, to assist equipment procurement;
   11, to assist the manager to do a comprehensive, coordinate the work of various departments and deal with daily affairs.
job requirements:
Bachelor degree or above, major in textile engineering.
2, training instructor
Job Responsibilities:
1, responsible for emergency knowledge training, the company product to explain the work;
2, reception visitors, emergency experience customers, access to personnel management registration work;
3, properly handle the customer-related services in all aspects of the cooperative relationship, carefully handle the views of customers and the occurrence of various problems.
job requirements:
1, college or higher, age: 35 years of age;
2, with or without experience can be, the company can provide appropriate training;
3, articulate, love training to explain the work.



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